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OTC Master Agreements Negotiation

Our experts are specialists in negotiating ISDA Master Agreements for clients entering into over-the-counter derivative contracts and Collateral Documentation in the global derivatives markets for Energy, Oil & Gas and Investment Banking industries. Our team assists our clients to negotiate the following agreements to reduce their counterparty risks, ensure transparency. They include: ISDA Master Agreements and Credit Support Annex, EFET Power Power/Gas with NBP, ZBT, PEG, Gaspool, TTF and other Appendices, Single Trade Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Transportation Agreements, Cross Product Master Agreement (CPMA) + CSAs, Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements, Long/Short Form Confirmations Levy Exemption Certificate Agreements, Guarantees, Electronic Confirmation Agreements, Novations, Amendment Agreements, Service Level Agreements, Master Netting Agreements, etc.