We are a 24-hour FAMILY WEALTH and FAMILY BUSINESS advisory law firm based in the heart of Ghana’s capital, Accra. We have fierce passion for helping Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) and High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals and families to LEGALLY PROTECT and PRESERVE their FAMILY WEALTH, BUSINESS and REPUTATION, as well as successfully TRANSFER that FAMILY WEALTH, BUSINESS and REPUTATION over many generations. 

Our lawyers are specialised and highly-skilled in deploying our proprietary 4-Step Wealth Protection System which guarantees you absolute confidentiality and peace of mind while you focus on the core things that matter in growing your FAMILY WEALTH, BUSINESS and REPUTATION sustainably. 

If you are an Entrepreneur, a Founder, or CEO, we are the Firm for you. If you are a creative such as a Musician, Actor, Actress, Comedian, Producer, Director, Sportsman, Record-Label, Production Company, a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), mega-Church Leader or celebrity of any kind, we are your law Firm.

We are a different kind of law firm. We are versatile, unconventional, and structured to specifically focus on your needs. 

Our approach to every case is unique, innovative, out-of-the-box, prompt and cost-effective. We deploy a multi-disciplinary team with diverse experiences to every matter and treat every instruction as a project from initiation to closure.

Our proprietary 4-Step Wealth Protection System takes you on a journey from SET-UP to STRUCTURE, as well as how to SECURE and SUSTAIN your WEALTH and BUSINESS to outlive you.  

  • SET-UP: We begin your wealth protection process by setting up and incorporating your Family Office.
  • STRUCTURE: Next, we examine your Family Office structure, ensuring that your interest is well protected.
  • SECURE: We then identify existing tangible in and intangible assets & immediately initiate the process for their legal protection.

SUSTAIN: We create a succession and legacy plan that allows us provide expert support with managing your wealth for generations.


We strictly apply the following key values in the performance of our work to ensure absolute client satisfaction


We PLEDGE to always resolve your legal challenges in a prompt, timely and most professional manner.

  1. We PLEDGE to provide you the best strategic and practical legal advice and solutions specific to your peculiar needs. 
  2. We PLEDGE to proactively answer all your enquiries in a timely and efficiently manner. 
  3. We PLEDGE to be courteous and respectful to you and your employees at all times.
  4. We PLEDGE to ensure the highest level of confidentiality in all our dealings with you.
  5. We PLEDGE to use the best available technology to ensure exceptional service delivery to you.
  6. We PLEDGE to ensure that the quality of our work will always meet the highest standards globally.
  7. We PLEDGE to exceed all your expectations.

Our Clients

We represent politically exposed persons (PEPs) who need tailored advice on how to protect their wealth and investments; CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators who need help to protect their businesses and inventions; musicians, film stars, producers, and directors who require guidance on getting the best deal for their talents; and protecting their reputation online, offline and social media.

As our client, our team works closely with you to understand all your legal needs and provide you the most effective and efficient solutions in a timely manner. The team is very proactive and responsive to your diverse needs and keeps you fully informed all the time.