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Cyrus Law’s corporate culture is unique and focused on delivering the most responsive, innovative, world-class and technically sound legal advice to our clients.

We aim to be the law firm of choice to our clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, complex business transactions and most difficult legal disputes.

Our clients are diverse and spread around the globe in different time zones. As a result, our work is intense and our working days are totally dedicated to our clients’ needs. 

Our lawyers are the first our clients call when contemplating an important decision about their business.  For us, talent and experience mean nothing unless our clients are totally satisfied and happy.

To succeed in our team, you must not only be gifted or talented, you must be equally motivated, committed and driven to achieve excellence at all times.  

As a member of our team, you get to work on very complex tasks, transactions and disputes which provide greater work and self-satisfaction, and puts you years above your peers.


At Cyrus Law, we are audacious in outlook, we think big, we are openminded, we close all deals, we resolve all disputes and we solve all our clients’ problems.

Ours is a hands-on approach. So, our lawyers, trainees and support staff all play a critical part in how we resolve that problem or close that deal for the client. It is hard work, high expectations and no shortcuts, and we reward performance and results. 

Our work environment is friendly, supportive and flexible to enable you to have the freedom to live a balanced and healthy life. 

We support our lawyers and staff to add value to themselves by participating in international training programmes aimed at skills development. 

Personal impact, mentoring, and teamwork are just a few of share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.


For us, each client’s problem is a project. So, we put all hands on deck to find the right solution for our client. This means you will work together in teams and you must have the ability to work well in teams – ours and the clients’. You also need to accept diverse opinions and constructive criticism from your colleagues.


Every year we are inundated with tons of applications from the best and brightest graduates from law schools in Ghana and abroad, to work with us.

Our spaces are limited. So, competition for a place is fierce. As such, you will need to prove to us that you are well-mannered, thoughtful and have what it takes ethically and intellectually to succeed.

You also need to understand what the expectations of a top tier corporate lawyer are and be convinced in your heart and mind that you are up to the challenge.

We aim to be available to our clients 24/7, and the biggest challenge for you is your availability to respond to your emails and messages every time. The hours are challenging, and yes, the work is difficult and our clients and colleagues have very high expectations. 

So, to succeed, you require an exceptional level of commitment and tenacity. Do you have the courage to dare?


We have a two (2) year training programme which is designed to turn the rookie legal trainee into an exceptional all-round lawyer. At the end of the training programme, you should be able to manage a complex transaction on your own with little or no supervision.

You will be taken through a very rigorous, intense and unforgiving training programme, working closely with our lawyers and staff on complex transactions, high-end and high stakes litigation and conducting painstaking research.

It leaves the trainees feeling simply breathless, but at the end, you will find the programme very fulfilling and your confidence level will be super high. You will have a knowledgebase, your commercial sense will be above the clouds, you will have the stamina of a lion, your passion for the job will be deep-seated and you will be thorough.


Because our training is structured, we do not offer an internship programme.  So, you will be taken through a very rigorous selection process. If you are able to make it to the last stage of the selection process, you will be given a two (2) year training contract designed to transform you into a highly specialized and skilled corporate lawyer and succeed in a top-tier law firm anywhere in the world. 


The application process is in five (5) stages:

Stage 1: We want to know you. So, you need to submit the following for review:

    • Curriculum vitae and cover letter.
    • Essay on 50 random things about you.
    • Undergraduate and law school transcripts/results.

Stage 2, if your application is successfully considered by the Talent Committee as a potential candidate, you will be invited to submit the following:

    • A writing sample.
    • A letter of recommendation from any of your referees testifying to your professional fitness; analytical abilities, writing abilities, drive, attitude to work under serious pressure, your potential etc.
    • Personal statement. In the personal statement, develop a narrative that informs us about:
    • yourself; your passion, your accomplishments, your ambition, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your weaknesses, your expectations, and your motivation;
    • the kind of law firm you really want to work at;
    • how much you expect to be paid;
    • any extracurricular achievements or activities;
    • any other relevant information; and
    • also, let us know how you truly stand out from your peers.
    • Perseverance essay. The essay should narrate a time when you succeeded at something that seemed impossible.

We consider the personal statement and the perseverance essay very critical to your success, so please pay particular attention to them. They can be as long as you wish. 

Please, note also that we cannot proceed to the next stage of the recruitment if your typing speed is below 40 words per minute.

Stage 3: After your documents have been successfully evaluated, you will be invited to sit for a three (3) hour formal written assessment based on the areas of law you have studied. It is a problem-based assessment which requires you to apply your problem-solving and analytical skills to arrive as a solution. 

At the end of the exercise, you will be required to honestly grade yourself, after which you will be given the answers to the problem. 

Stage 4: If your approach to the problem meets the minimum standard and expectation, you will then be invited for an informal face-to-face discussion with one of our lawyers. The aim is to meet you in person in order to hear from you and also give you the chance to ask all the questions may have about the Firm.

Stage 5: Finally, if you are recommended by the lawyer after the informal meeting, you will invited for an interview with the Managing Partner who does the final assessment and recommends your recruitment. 

Applications are open all year round. So, we hope to hear from you soon.